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Practice Areas

Woman smiling and talking on the phone with her leg in a cast

Personal Injury

Hold others responsible for their acts of negligence. Learn how we can represent you after a slip and fall or workplace accident.

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One car rear-ending another car

Auto Accidents

If another driver's reckless behavior resulted in your injury, you deserve the opportunity to pursue fair financial compensation.

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Semi-truck overturned on the side of the road

Truck & 18-Wheeler Accidents

Large-scale vehicles can cause large-scale damage. Seek the recovery you deserve.

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Police car with lights on at night

Criminal Defense

After a criminal charge, reach out to us to start pursuing justice. We are prepared to be your dedicated advocates from start to finish.

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Person driving a car while drinking out of a bottle

DWI Defense

A DWI conviction in Louisiana can have serious consequences. When your future is on the line, allow us to fight on your behalf.

DUI Defense

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Drug Crimes

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Violent Crimes

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Property Crimes

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